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Leap out of the ordinary into a revolutionary way of thinking.






Maria Menicou, Certified Thinking Into Results Certified Consultant, will play an important role in guiding your company through a powerful learning experience that will improve every aspect of your business and, ultimately, your bottom line. It is professional development and leadership training like you’ve never experienced before.



“Every person has a genius locked up within them,
     what we have to do is bring it to the surface”  

Bob Proctor


Times are changing rapidly and businesses demand strong results. There is no better time to maximize business and individual performance to improve revenue and efficiency, regardless of how large or small the business is. Professionals that are fully engaged and loving what they do can accelerate a company from mediocre to stunningly productive and successful, and the LifeSuccess Corporate programs make that happen.

 “Thinking Into Results” — unlocking the true potential of your employees

  Designed as a program that can easily be condensed or expanded based on your

organization’s needs. Thinking Into Results is a powerful educational program of DVDs, Individual and Team Worksheets, Group Discussions, and more that reveals how to master the mind and gain abundant professional and personal success. Maria Menicou will ensure that this program makes a difference and produces results for an exceptional return on investment for your organization.

Its interactive and proven curriculum includes modules like:

  •  Defining and achieving goals – if you know how to reach the goal, then it probably isn’t the right goal
  • Understanding the difference between what you know and what you do – just knowing something doesn’t get results; you must change the behavior to change results.
  • How to use your mind to get what you want – learn secrets to unlock its deepest potential.
  • Identify and avoid toxic landmines that sabotage your thinking.
  • The magic of attitude – you must give energy to get energy back. It starts with you.
  • How to stop those around you from controlling what you think – with tools to reprogram participants to think great thoughts about themselves, their family, their job and the company they work for.
  • Ask for details on how Thinking Into Results corporate training program can change your business and your life.

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