Big and positive changes started happening in my life when I joined Maria's coaching program, even from the first month! Maria is an individual with extensive knowledge, and with a great love for helping people to change their lives, and to evidently grow. (...)
Posted By: George Achilleos
Insurance Agent Metlife
Maria is one of a kind. Yes, I was hesitant at first to take part in the “Mastermind” seminar, yes, what could possibly change? However, Maria helps you to see things in a totally different dimension (“NO BOX”). Although I did not previously know Maria, from the first moment that I met her, the disposition of her personality and the liveliness in her face, created a bond between our communication. She is a person of high caliber, with a high level of responsibility, and she truly cares about her work and her students. I highly recommend her seminars.
Posted By: Stavros Papalazarou
Civil Servant
Maria is an amazing person, with a unique ethos and she has a lot of love for everybody. She is passionate about helping those in need, and she always has a big hug for everyone. (…) I have applied everything that I have learnt from Maria, and soon after I not only managed to reach my goal to reach my goal (…) It's absolutely worth participating in one of her programs, even out of curiosity alone. You will see your life changing before your eyes, in no time!
Posted By: Michalis Timotheou
Business Entrepreneur
(...) In my case, I had very good results regarding my health, and for this I thank Maria for helping me to get through it. I continue to apply the techniques that I was taught and I have seen very good results, not only regarding my finances, but also at a personal level.
Posted By: Avgousta Stylianou
This eleven-week course has reminded me of how important it is to strongly believe that I can achieve my goals in life, regardless of how far-fetched they may appear. It has inspired me and motivated me, and has helped me how to think big. More than anything, it has enabled me to push aside all my negative thinking!
Posted By: Zoe Apostolidou

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