Maria Menicou is a true example of a service oriented person who is always on a mission to help others to grow and to achieve results beyond their level of expectation. (...) If you want a helping hand for every moment, I would highly recommend working with Maria.
Posted By: Dushan Bodjoshki
Maria is an exceptional coach and teacher. Her desire to help people achieve their goals and succeed in life is beyond comparison! (...) If you are looking for someone to help you take your life to the next level, this lady is the one to talk to.
Posted By: Chris O’Connor
It’s not every day that you meet a person who is a living, breathing, walking true loving heart. A unique keynote speaker, an amazing listener, and a top professional transformation coach that will guide and lead you to the best way in order to reach your results! I highly recommend Maria as a personal mentor, a corporate performance coach, and a keynote speaker, who will provide you with the tools needed to develop yourself and to grow and expand your business long-term, and for a lifetime of continuous growth, with amazing results!
Posted By: Efrat Avnor
(…) Maria showed me the most effective way of thinking that I needed in order to move forward to the next stage in my life. She has helped me to completely change my life. Now, I am happy and I do the things which I love, without hesitation, and most importantly, I have seen concrete results. (…)
Posted By: Maria Drivala
I was very confused and desperate, and I was looking for a way to overcome my problems (...) Maria took me by the hand and taught me what paradigms are and how the mind works and, as a result, everything began to make sense to me. My life started to change!!! I now believe that I can do it, I am more positive and more confident, and the most exciting thing is that Maria has helped me to create my first Million Dollar Idea! (...)
Posted By: Nikolaos Malamis
When I joined Maria’s “Thinking into Results” program, I was challenged throughout and questioned whether this was all really going to work, at times doubting and questioning the program. But with Maria’s faith in the program and with the faith that she had in me, and with the abilities that she could see in me that I could not see at the time, and with her continued guidance, coaching and motivation, I continued and followed the exercises. Slowly but surely there were changes, clarity and direction, and the obstacles I faced were no longer challenging, I felt energized and confident, and above all, I felt that my goals were now within reach. I have subsequently begun running my own successful beauty business from home, to which I have dedicated myself to giving all of my clients a wonderful spa experience, and for them to leave the treatment room feeling like they are walking on air, and to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after each visit to Inner Beauty. The personal attention that I pay to my clients’ needs is what makes me stand out from others. For this I am absolutely grateful to Maria Menicou.
Posted By: Sandra Marcou
Inner Beauty Salon and Marketing Manager at IT company
I am so grateful for meeting Maria during such a challenging period of my life. The amazing material she has shared and keeps sharing, along with her hard work, enable me to see brighter days ahead. Thank you so much Maria!
Posted By: Leonidas Sazos
Insurance Agent, Ethniki Insurance
(...) I realized how powerful and life-changing this stuff can be. Maria's ability to make you focus, make you take action and make you smile is incredible! (...)
Posted By: Xenia Papandreou
Business Entrepreneur
The “Thinking Into Results” program was for me, a journey of enlightenment. (...) It has provided me with the fundamental principles needed for personal development, and much more. (...)
Posted By: Annita Hadjiconstanti
Style Coach and Fashion Designer
“I have set IMPORTANT life goals and have found the way to pursue them through the coaching programs that I have studied with Maria Menicou. I soon realized that the model school of success and my academic way of thinking were not enough, thus, I soon adopted a new way of thinking and began pursuing success and freedom.
Posted By: Iacovos Theodorou
Digital Entrepreneur

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