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Your Success comes down to your daily rituals

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Your Success comes down to your daily rituals

How would you describe your life? Are you living your dream? Or are you working towards it? Are you working on the things that are important to you? Do you have a clear image of what your future will look like?

During my very first steps in personal development I would hear my teacher and mentor Bob Proctor commenting that if he were to observe a person for a day, from the time he rose from his bed to the time he went back to sleep, observing all his actions, he would clearly be able to say if that person would succeed or not in achieving his goals. And he could do this just by observing what actions the person would have chosen to take.

It took me some time to realize how big a concept this is! – the extent and the importance of every day action-steps and how powerful and important they are towards achieving great success.

Success does not just choose a person and then says to them: “I really like you, let me grant you a million dollars” … or, “you are such a nice person, let me give you everything you desire…” NO, it doesn’t work like that! It is in fact a painstaking, everyday process in order to succeed, and often only major success is seen by the public eye!

A shift in everyday life, the decision for pursuing the success desired, adopting new daily habits, taking daily action-steps and the discipline to endeavor the efforts. This is what demonstrates the direction towards a successful life ahead. It is a clear indication that something big is about to happen. A person is preparing for something big.

You need to ask yourself… Are you preparing yourself for success or failure? It is often said that what you sow is what you reap. It is important to have the right attitude in life and to choose between: “Invest now in order to enjoy tomorrow” or “Enjoy today and whatever may be tomorrow”

Tiny little steps taken every day can lead to great results. What direction are you heading? Success or Failure? Ask yourself this one question, and an honest answer will show you your direction in life, and what will happen in the days and years to come.

To your success,

Maria Menicou

Personal and Professional Development coach

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