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Your Mindset: What is it costing you?

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Your Mindset: What is it costing you?

I was out the other day doing the weekly grocery shopping and while I was choosing the fruit and vegetables, I noticed two young ladies who were having a rather serious conversation, and I overheard a large part of what the one lady was sharing with the other. With quite a sad and miserable expression she was saying how unlucky she is, how badly life has treated her and that due to an accident that had caused her several injuries, she said it had made it impossible for her to enjoy life, to work again and to do other everyday tasks…

and at that moment while I was listening to their conversation, an image of Nick Vujicic came to my mind. Life had challenged him, but although he was born without any limbs, he managed to turn his adversity into an example of how life is really meant to be, no matter what it has in store for you. His story is so inspiring and he is a role model of how a family man and a great father should be.

We all have our own story to tell, where we came from, for which we cannot change… but it is for sure up to us to change our perception to it in a way that it will allow us to turn it into a stepping stone towards the future we desire to experience. But how can we achieve this?

It is estimated that on average people have around sixty thousand thoughts per day. Ninety five percent of these thoughts are estimated to be repeated thoughts daily. And this is exactly how our mindset is made. A single thought becomes a belief once it is repeated, and soon after it becomes your mindset. The shocking news is that your mindset rules your actions, behavior and results.

What is your mindset costing you? h is that the story you keep telling yourself and to other people is the exact story that you will receive as a result in your life s the story you are sharing focusing on what is possible for you to achieve? Or what is impossible? What comes easier to you to focus on? The beneficial or the non-beneficial aspects of what is happening?

It is essential to continue being honest with ourselves by really thinking about the following question “What is my current mindset costing me?”

Does your existing mindset dictate to you to stay in a job which does not fulfill you but pays the bills? Does your mindset allow you to put your desired dream to one side for starting your own business, shop or service, which you have always desired to do? Does your time at work miss the spark and excitement?

Are you in an unfulfilling relationship because you are convinced that there isn’t anyone else out there who can love you or you don’t deserve better? Is your ideal partner somewhere out there waiting for you while you are talking yourself out of the passion and happiness you desire?

What are the compromises that your mindset has put you in?

I strongly encourage you to invest some time and to go through all the aspects of your life – your career, relationships, health, finances, life experiences and enjoyment… and ask this same question … “is my mindset costing me my happiness? time? love? money? laughter? opportunities? serenity of mind? experiences? And always keep in mind, what can I accomplish? What is possible?

Looking forward to hearing from you, to reading your comments, and to support you in your journey to a new, powerful and promising mindset.

To your success,

Maria Menicou

Personal and Professional Development coach

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