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Wisdom gained in 2015

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Every experience comes with a lesson and a deeper understanding of what we already know or should know. For me, 2015 came with a variety of emotions, difficult experiences, and challenges that made me look at things, and to learn from them, and it also provided me with greater wisdom, not just in knowledge but also in perception. One thing is for sure, 2015 has forever shaped me into the greatest that my tomorrow will bring.

Here are some of the ideas that I have personally gained an in-depth and greater understanding of and wisdom for. 

  • Letting go. No matter how many times I have applied the letting go concept in the past, sometimes it can still be very challenging and highly emotional when it has to do with relationships close to my heart. A greater understanding of the presence of pure and radiant agape always brings inner serenity and flow, which leads to letting go completely. 
  • The bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunities and chances to succeed that lie ahead. As we grow mentally and physically, the challenges we face also grow in order to lead us to greater, bigger and better results, and of course to a fulfilled life. When you are faced with a challenging situation it is such a relief not just being aware, but also having a deeper understanding of and trust in the universe that this situation is only for a short period of time, for a day, a week, a month, a year or two, and it always is!
  • Setting Boundaries. Set boundaries and only let in the people who have proven that they deserve it. My personality can be described as open hearted which sometimes can result in me not taking care of myself.  Giving greater value to my being, setting actual boundaries and getting to the next level, has just brought a new meaning and perception to my eyes.
  • What we are told by others is just a matter of opinion.  On a number of occasions in my life I have been told what I can or cannot accomplish, based on a number of scientific and non-scientific theories. However, it has been proven not once but many times, that once something is rejected and not accepted but chosen, what to be is, always IS!
  • We do not necessarily have to accept what we are given.  Theory and Practice are two completely different experiences, and the year 2015 gave me the opportunity to acquire a firm picture of this theory into a concrete experience.
  • What is said is but a perception.  On a number of occasions in my life I had heard several theories of what I can or cannot do, based on a number of scientific and non-scientific theories. Well it is affirmed not once but multiple times, that once something is rejected and not accepted but chosen, what to be is, always IS!
  • Be surrounded with people with the same vibrational harmony. This was such an “AHA” moment for me this year … on several occasions, both in my professional and personal life, when energy shifted, a shift in experiences occurred. Shift with ease and peace. It is an amazing law!

The above were just some of the great things that 2015 brought to me. Looking forward to reading about some of the things that you have learnt in 2015.

Blessings and Agape

Maria Menicou

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