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What Should the Legacy of a Successful Leader be?

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

What Should the Legacy of a Successful Leader be?

Have you ever thought what your legacy will be in ten or twenty years’ time when you are no longer here? Have you ever thought about what will make you memorable?

Patti Davis, an actress, an author and the daughter of the 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan said, “Your legacy on this Earth when you leave is: how many hearts you have touched”.

A legacy that counts is connected to people’s hearts.

It is a clear message, touch people’s hearts by nourishing their hearts and souls. There are people in this world that are thrilled to learn from you, people not just from your organization or company, but also from your broader environment, and even from your country. It is said that … “once the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, but through my career in coaching so far it has been proven that the opposite also works …” once the teacher is ready, the student will appear”, and he always does.

I remember once when my teacher and mentor Bob Proctor shared with us how he made his first cleaning company flourish by just teaching whatever he had learn t to the personnel of his company. What he was actually doing was creating leaders by investing in people, in their growth and in their personal development.

So the greatest legacy a leader can develop and leave is the development of other leaders. Not just by sharing his ideas with others, but also by investing in cultivating new ideas, allowing them time to take root and to flourish in people’s hearts. What really matters in this world are people! It’s not the money or the buildings or the organization… just people!!! If you really want to leave a legacy, invest within your inner circle by creating leaders and by encouraging them to pass all the knowledge gained to other people.

Great success comes when ordinary people do great things by themselves. And a great legacy continues to live when people are in the position to do amazing things without their leader.

The legacy lives though the people that have been taught by a great leader who has touched their hearts along the way.

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