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What is the most effective daily habit you should develop in 2017?

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

What is the most effective daily habit you should develop in 2017?;

This is the time of year that everyone is thinking and talking about the New Year resolutions and goals that they want to accomplish in the New Year. These may be resolutions and goals about achieving bigger and better results within the New Year. rage the results requested to be accomplished? And of course, this is great, but which habit needs to be developed in order to leverage the results requested to be accomplished?

My suggestion is for you to consider adopting the habit of giving more than you have been asked to give… Yes, it may sound a little strange, but this is the number one habit that you should adopt for the guaranteed success of any goal in 2017.

I am sure that you have probably experienced a little of the joy of giving during the Christmas and New Year holiday celebrations. During these festive Christmas or Easter holiday periods it is quite easy to be in the spirit of offering, serving and giving. However, what I am suggesting is for you to adopt this habit and to apply it every day, and throughout the year, and beyond… How beautiful life would be if we were to live in the energy of giving more … which after all is the elemental principle of the Law of Receiving. As the Bible clearly stated, “Give and it shall be given unto you”.

So, the question is how can I give more? How can I give more than I receive? No matter what your circumstances are now, there are always ways to give.

We can easily start by giving answers to the following questions:

  • Everyone has had experiences that they can look back at, which may have been through pleasant or not so pleasant circumstances, but these still carry some gifts with them. Maybe they were happy or not so happy in their circumstances, but they have definitely left their «days» in the end of time.
  • What are my gifts? God has gifted each and every one of us with an abundance of talents, abilities and skills. How can these be utilized in order to assist others and to give more?
  • What can I do NOW?; ere is most probably something you can do or someone you can help right now. Look around you and you will soon find opportunities to give. Don’t wait for the right time – it doesn’t exist and never will- or for others to join you, instead, be the one to set an example, be the one to start a movement.
  • What cause can I support financially? No matter where we stand right now financially, your financial abundance and prosperity is part of giving.

And trust me, the benefits, the blessings and the opportunities that will arise are massive.

Just keep this in mind:

  • By giving you are shifting the world, one person at a time. When a healthy person is in the position of receiving, it modestly sparks a desire within to pay forward the blessings received.
  • Great leaders have always been givers, it is an important quality to develop for success.
  • Giving removes the EGO side from within us and helps us to move on beyond ourselves. The focus is moved from how someone can receive to how someone can give.
  • Giving is part of success, no one has reached great success on his/her own. Everyone has been helped along the way thus, once we receive, we pay it forward

Make the decision now to be a more giving person and this will shape your year in 2017 in such a positive way, and as Bob Proctor says “Give freely, Receive Graciously”

To your success,

Maria Menicou

Personal and Professional Development coach

Telephone: +357 7000 7888


Website: www.menicoumaria.com

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