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Thoughts Become Things

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

“Thoughts Become Things;”we heard this phrase in the movie “The Secret.” Weread about it, but what are the right thoughts needed to quickly and efficiently bring the things you desire into your reality? 

Start thinking about your dream

I, very often, come across people that think of what my teacher and mentor, Bob Proctor, calls “thinking in reverse”.  We have been programed in such a way that we know really well what we don’t want, we don’t like and don’t want to experience but in the same time we don’t really know what we do want. 

What do I really want? 

You should spenda considerable amount of time thinking of what you really –really- want.  Pay attention to your heart’s desires, dreams and wants.  Not what your parents expectyou to be, not what your teachers expectyou to become, not what your friends and partners expect to see… but what you really, truly want for yourselve.

Start moving toward your dream 

Once your true desire is defined,it is essential to start playing the idea in your mind.  Create a picture; then turn this picture into a movie and keep playing this movie again and again until the emotions become really powerful.  

Control your vibration 

It is essential to be in control of your vibration and your emotions. Don’t let the outside world take control. Have faith that what you see in your mindwill soon be coming into your reality. It is well known that our eyes deceive us. Don’t be deceived. Fall in love with the movie you see in your mind. 

Attracting the Circumstance

Thoughts are waves, like the light waves and the music waves.  Thought waves are cosmic waves that penetrate time and space. Once a thought is chosen and repeatedly sent out,it automatically starts attractingsimilarvibrating particles,which will soon create the appropriate circumstances for attracting the good you desire. In other words, thoughts create emotions and by choosing wisely your thoughts, you bring the results you desire into your reality. 

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