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The Characteristics of a Confident Person

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Confidence may look like, or may take many different forms, from arrogance to the quiet, self-assured. But what does true confidence look like and how can we distinguish it from the false confidence that people project in order to mask their insecurities?

Below are the ten main characteristics of a true confident personality:

  1. Happiness grows from within. Happiness is a key element in a confident individual. Confident individuals have grown happy about who they are, and the internal spark of their happiness shines from within them, to the outside world.
  2. Accepts and learns from his own mistakes. Of course, the confident person knows that there are no mistakes, but just lessons in life. Accepting and learning is part of growing, and this is something that reflects in a confident personality.
  3. Isn’t demoralized by criticism. The confident individual has a clear, self-image about what he is and what he is not. When faced with criticism, he also has the capacity of filtering what may be useful, and is able to “take” from criticism, in order to turn this into something creative and positive towards his growth and progress.
  4. Listens more, talks less. The confident individual knows that by listening to others, he is more likely to learn something new.
  5. Is not easily upset by setbacks or obstaclesin other words, challenges. Challenges are part of an upwards growing path; without challenges, there is no progress and no growth. The confident individual embraces challenges, and turns them into an asset for the accomplishment of his goals and dreams.
  6. They don’t need to prove themselves. Confident individuals know who they are and what their capabilities are; their certainty comes from within.
  7. They don’t worry about being wrong or looking foolish. Confident individuals share their ideas and point of view and worry less about looking foolish or about being proven to be wrong, after all they know that being proven to be wrong is not a personal slight.
  8. They celebrate other people. Insecure people judge and try to steal the spotlight from others, whereas the confident individual is already fulfilled with the satisfaction of being able to celebrate and support other people.
  9. They are comfortable asking for help and support. The confident individual knows that by asking others for help will not make them look weak, but will empower and strengthen their results. Also learning from someone who is an expert in his/her field is part of what is going to give them acceleration and results.
  10. They are willing to take a chance. Confidence allows for opportunities to be recognized and taken, instead of worrying about what might possibly go wrong. For confident individuals, fear is never a factor for holding back. Instead, confident individuals know that the effort they make trying, will contribute towards a percentage of their success.

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