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The Characteristics of a Confident Child

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Here are some of the characteristics of a confident child. Please note that a confident child may have developed some of the below listed characteristics, but not necessarily all of them.

  • Accepts and learns from his own mistakes. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn from and to grow into a stronger and self-confident individual.
  • Is more likely to be able to resist peer pressure. A confident child can clearly see and acknowledge something that is not right and has the ability to resist it.
  • Has the ability to accept responsibility for his own happiness.

Is able to laugh at himself, not to take himself too seriously.Doesn’t worry about failing. Everyone occasionally experiences failures; failures make us stronger and play a part in the development of the person we have become today. The confident child understands this and accepts it as part of his growth.Doesn’t worry about looking silly.Feels loved. He has this sureness not as a result of specific things, for example, the good results of a test that he has taken, but just because he exists in the world.He is confident without being arrogant.He feels competent. There is always a solution for each challenge he faces, and the confident child knows this and expends effort into finding it.Is assertive but not aggressive in communicating his needs.Feels content. The confident child knows who he is and doesn’t feel the need to put others down.Accepts himself as he is.Is able to deal with his own feelings.Has the ability to bounce back from disappointments or failures. The confident child knows that this is part of life and is able to accept these disappointments and to get on with his life with ease.

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