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Motivation – How can I stay in high gear?

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Motivation – How can I stay in high gear? (Part A)

Motivation is what moves us forward. It is the fuel which burns hot and moves us forward into our greatness.  Sometimes in high gear and others in low gear, motivation moves us towards our dreams. 

The journey to achieving big, first-time goals, may also be accompanied by difficult and challenging periods, which are without any doubt, a period of transformation and adjustment to who we are, in order to become the person who is now able to achieve. The question is, how can someone remain motivated and tuned into high and steady gear throughout these difficult times?

This seems to be a challenge for many people as I often hear the statement “motivation doesn’t last” and the question “how can I make it last?”.

Here are some tips on how to stay in high gear and how to be highly motivated:

  • Set a final goal. Invest some time and energy in clarifying what you really truly want, and then set your final goal. Write this goal down and keep it with you.
  • Once you have written down your final goal, keep reading it, again and again and again until it becomes a part of you.
  • Visualization is the first step towards the manifestation of your goals into this dimension. Keep playing with your idea, again and again, add color, sound, smell and motion to it. Feel that you have already achieved your goal!
  • Stay close to beneficial and positive ideas. We are surrounded by many unbeneficial and negative ideas that may affect our motivation, for example people that want to pull or hold us back or that doubt our ability to achieve our dreams. Keep your goals safe in your heart and keep moving forward by staying close to people that believe in you and your dreams.
  • Recognize your everyday accomplishments. The journey to achieving bigger goals may take some time, and during this process, achieving many smaller goals will always lead the path to achieving your bigger goals.  Get into the habit of recognizing your everyday accomplishments and achievements. This is the way to see what you have achieved so far.
  • Celebrate! Recognizing your everyday accomplishments leads to motivation in high gear, taking it a step further by celebrating. Your celebration can be as big as throwing a party or just treating and rewarding yourself. 
  • Keep an open mind. No matter how good a plan is there are always adjustments to be made during the process. Keeping an open mind may result in softening a difficult period, may turn challenges into blessings, and mistakes into the opening of a door which leads to a shortcut or a safer way out.

The above are just some of the things that can keep you motivated. 

Upcoming article Advanced Motivation – How can I stay in high gear? 

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