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Listen to the energy behind the sound of words!

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Listen to the energy behind the sound of words!

I had the pleasure and honor, to be invited to participate in a three-day training seminar at the Educational Institute of Ukraine in the city of Rivne, which was held as part of the celebrations of Education Day. This day represents a great celebration for Ukraine as it is not only a public holiday, it is also respectably honored by every citizen of the country.

Ukraine is a very beautiful country surrounded by greenery, with very friendly and hospitable people. The only challenge I had to face during my stay there was the language barrier ost people do not speak English and unfortunately, I do not speak Ukrainian or Russian which are the languages spoken there.

On some occasions I had an interpreter with me, but most of the time I did not have anyone to help me communicate.

So, through my own need to get to know, understand and feel the people I met, I tried to feel the energy behind their words, to ignore the sounds that my ears heard, and to concentrate on the heart and the frequency that was being emitted.

I focused all my attention into feeling every single cell of what was being spoken around me, consciously ignoring the language which I did not understand, and only focusing on the energy and vibration that the conversation was emitting!

With a little effort and by focusing, the result was amazing! I could feel the joy, the sadness, and the anguish, but also the search through the vibrations of the heart. An intense and clear message was sent out to the space, which was intense and clear far beyond what the words and body communicated.

It is a Divine gift to be able to hear the soul and the heart, the cry that is not spoken in words. It’s amazing how much we communicate beyond our five senses! Just by investing a little energy to feel the heart and the soul!

There is so much going on around us,

far beyond the frequencies that the human eye can see, that the human ear can hear, and that the narrow perception of the mind can understand.

To your success,

Maria Menicou

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