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Let go of Judgement

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Let go of Judgement

Judgment, a very strong subconscious programming of the mind which controls our levels of creativity and eventuality our results. When we have a mission, it is in our nature and because of the way we have been conditioned to live life to judge, and according to this, to readjust our course and to possibly withdraw or to move forward.

This is not a habit of the few but a habit of the many throughout our lives. We hesitate, we hold back, and we are overly cautious in order to avoid what might be considered as stupid.

It is similar to gardening, which is something that I have recently been doing, spending time planting vegetables and flowers, and which has allowed me to realize how easy it is to create, and just how easy it is to switch and to readjust. Sometimes it had felt like I was taking two steps back to take twenty forward.

So just let your heart create, dream big, let go, and break the boundaries that have been limiting your creativity. Don’t question anything until it is finished. If it does not work out as expected, be grateful for the journey and for the experience gained.

Otherwise you will just become trapped in a loop of non-progress, and you will definitely lose the energy flow of creativity.

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