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Lesson learned in Life

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Lesson learned in Life

“Never lose hope” … a timeless quote that carries so much significance and weight…

I recently faced an enormous challenge; one of my dogs unfortunately got lost during a countryside excursion. If you are a dog owner, you probably understand how this feels.

My first reaction was one of fear, as he had only been with us for a month; I searched with some friends for hours on end, but to no success…he was nowhere to be found.

We made the decision though to continue looking for him and to keep our faith high. So, together we gathered our energies, thoughts, ideas, and strategies, and we put our plan of action into effect – we put posts on Facebook, posters in the area that he was lost, and asked locals to call us if they saw him.

The response from people was truly unbelievable and amazing. Hundreds of people, connected to us and strangers, shared the post on Facebook. People sent messages and called to give words of encouragement and faith or to suggest something that might help. Not only close friends but also people I just know socially took time from their jobs to help with the search, others offered money to be used as a reward, and others through their animal welfare connections to find ways to support. I received countless calls from people that I didn’t know who wanted to offer their time and energy to help in the search – some individually, while others organised groups of people who would come from other cities to help.

I was overwhelmed from the response that I had from so many people. People went over and above to offer their support, their positive energy and their love. I felt that I had an army of people next to me – the scale of love and support that I received was enormous and beyond my request for help.

Έξι μέρες έρευνας, και ευτυχώς, ο σκύλος είχε βρεθεί σώος και αβλαβής. Thankfully, after six days of searching, my dog was found safe and sound.

It is noteworthy to mention that even after nearly 20 days, people are still calling to say that they may have seen him or to ask how he is doing.

  • When in need, ask from your heart and help always comes
  • When in need, just let it be known and people will always rally round
  • People DO REALLY CARE and they generously offer their support, love, kindness, time, energy and help
  • You should always keep high hope and faith against all odds, miracles do happen
  • The people that surround us do play an enormous role in our life. In challenging times, they are the ones that keep faith high and remind us of who we really are, choose your friends wisely
  • Know that there is a God, or you may call them Angels, Fairies or even Elves, that always protect and take care of our loved ones when we are far away … all we need to do is to call upon them for the “job to be done”

To your success,

Maria Menicou

Personal and Professional Development coach

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