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Increase of productivity

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Increase of productivity

3 tips that can transform your results

When it comes to creating results, there is always room to increase productivity, levels of performance and definitely a better management of time and activities.

Here are three tips that when applied initiate a shift in your productivity:

  • Powerful start to the day

The time your day starts and the “How it starts” play an enormous role in your levels of productivity. Starting your day in a rush and at a stressful pace will most probably set the energy of your day in that way, for the whole day. Instead, approach each day by setting an organized plan. Early morning awakening and daily rituals can provide a powerful and positive approach to our day. This is my daily morning ritual: waking up between 6am to 6:15, having a glass of water with a few drops of fresh lemon, reading or listening to something positive, and a morning walk in the park.

  • Plan each day with a ‘to do list’

This is a tip which I have heard and read about again and again and it really does work. The to do list works best when it is prepared from the night before. Use your to do list as a compass to your success. Sometimes unexpected and urgent situations may arise that we have to deal with, and this is when we need to be flexible and to re-adjust according to our priorities. Remember to cross off which tasks have been completed at the end of the day, this always motivates us and boosts our productivity.

  • Focus on what is important

Focus is definitely the key word to productivity. Focus is definitely the key word to productivity. We live in a fast moving and ever-changing world and everything around us is designed to attract our attention. In order to achieve greater levels of focus it is essential to eliminate actions that don’t add benefit towards our desired results. For example, time invested on Facebook, YouTube and watching TV. Invest this time instead with something that can be seen as productive.

Some of you might be thinking…and how do I relax and rest? Facebook, YouTube or watching TV can be a way to offer some kind of relaxation, but what I always point out is that you must be conscious of what you see and hear… choose something that is beneficial, positive and brings beauty to what you are doing.

To your success,

Maria Menicou

Personal and Professional Development coach

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Website: www.menicoumaria.com

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