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Have you ever thought that by taking massive action towards your goal, you are in fact damaging the manifestation of it?!!!

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

How many times have you been encouraged to take “massive action” towards your goals and dreams, and have ended up having to deal with stress, fear, doubt, disappointment and procrastination and, as a result, you give up and you lose hope …. it’s as if the whole universe is working against the manifestation of your goals.

The truth is, that the challenge does not manifest from your side …. but from the “experts” or “coaches” that teach you how to achieve success, starting from the end result, and going towards the beginning.

What is actually happening is that the power of the subconscious mind is being completely ignored. It is estimated that 95 to 99 percent of action taken is ruled by the subconscious mind and by paradigms.

The subconscious mind and paradigms control how far we can go, what we can achieve, the levels of our productivity and creativity, how happy we are, how we perceive the world, our career, our confidence, relationships, finances, health, and so on … literally every single area and aspect of our lives…

The goals and dreams that we desire to achieve, should be first worked from the inside out.  By changing our paradigms and by shifting our thinking into a positive and beneficial vibration, … after all Napoleon Hill did call his book “Think and Grow Rich”!!!

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