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Group or Team?

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Does your department, company or corporation work as a group or as a team?

When I first heard this question, my initial reaction – and because I had at the back of my mind the translation to Greek where both words correspond to the word “ομάδα”- was, “well that sounds like the same, hmmm?”. Well the truth is, the difference is vast …

A group can be as small as two people together, or, it can be numerous. A group of people may have specific tasks to complete, but it does not necessarily mean that each and every member of the group has the same perception, understanding, priorities or goals in mind, or that he moves with the same speed towards that goal. This creates challenges in coordination and collaboration, misunderstandings, delays and potentially a loss of opportunities, which may also cost in profit for the company.

A team can also be as small as two people together, or, it can be numerous, but the energy that runs within it and through it is way different.  A team is a powerful “pack” of individuals who are in harmony with the values and the mission of the organization that they work for, determined, coordinated and focused. It could be said that a team works in the same way that a healthy body works, in that every organ and every cell vibrate together at the right frequency.  Even though the team may be faced with challenges, they will, as a team, overcome these challenges and they will learn, grow and build upon them.

How can you turn your group of people into a powerful team of individuals? 

The first and foremost thing to do is to invest in your people. People are the most valuable asset an organization will ever have. Understand that each and every individual comes from a different world of experiences, with his own way of perceiving and understanding the circumstances around him. 

Most organizations, quite often, when it comes to investing in their personnel, invest in them knowing more.  Knowing more is good, but people do not necessarily apply what has been learnt in a training session or in a seminar, which may subsequently create the phenomenon of “the knowing doing gap” which may lead to frustration, stress and disappointment. 

What we suggest is, is to invest in a person’s personal development instead.  Once the core of an individual begins to shift in a positive direction, their whole life becomes better and happier, and their energy levels rise, thus it becomes easier to eliminate the “knowing doing gap”, which automatically creates better results, eliminates competition, and creates collaboration within the work environment, and soon after we can experience results such as an increase in sales, an increase in productivity and much more…  

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