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Gratitude – What it can do for you!!!

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Gratitude – What it can do for you!!!

With just ten minutes of practicing gratitude daily, you have the potential for amazing and positive changes to happen at many levels of your life, and a parallel positive beneficial shift in the levels of happiness, joy and satisfaction in your life. It is estimated that the levels of happiness, joy and satisfaction that are generated by practicing gratitude are equal to the ones that a person feels when he manages to double his income!!!

Gratitude positively affects the following five pillars in life:

  1. Socially: By practicing gratitude, immediate and significant improvements are visible at the social level of interpersonal relationships, improvement of marriage, becoming politer, kinder, friendlier, and building more stable and essential relationships.

  1. Emotionally: Gratitude makes us feel comfortable and relaxed, we learn to feel positive, it removes unbeneficial feelings such as jealousy, and non-beneficial habits such as moaning and complaining. It builds resilience, flexibility, and the ability to create pleasant memories at all times.
  2. Health: And, of course, gratitude could not have other than a positive effect on our health. Improvement of sleep, immediate empowerment of the immune system, creates wellness, better energy levels and helps in physical exercises. Also, surveys have demonstrated that gratitude is one of the essential ingredients of longevity!!!
  3. Career: Gratitude and professional success go hand in hand!!! It brings us acceleration in achieving our goals, improving our ability for effective management, decision-making, productivity and collaboration, and also, capability for networking and collaboration.
  4. Personality: Gratitude improves self-control, self-worth and self-image, positivity, and personal and spiritual development. At the same time, it reduces selfishness and self-centeredness.

Gratitude is very important. How can you begin to practice gratitude? Here are some ways gratitude can be achieved:

  1. By observing and appreciating the gifts that each day brings us
  2. By writing, keeping a daily diary
  3. By smiling more
  4. v
  5. By acting with kindness. At least one activity – action of kindness per day! By giving positive feedback to everyone you come in contact with
  6. By finding the benefit of every challenge, there is always something good in everything
  7. By focusing on your strengths and talents
  8. By sending agape to people who you do not like or who have hurt you (agape = pure unconditional love)
  9. By forgiving everyone, including your enemies
  10. By being grateful for everything that you learn
  11. By embracing challenges and turning them into stairs that lead to success
  12. By expressing and giving thanks to the people who serve you: the grocer, the bus driver, the nurse, the postman, the vendors at a store
  13. By expressing love and appreciation to the people you have in your heart
  14. By rewarding the person who does something beautiful for you, he replied with something beautiful
  15. By avoiding non-useful information
  16. and content from social media, radio and television
  17. By volunteering for good causes

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