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Faith OR Praxis?

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Which level are you at on the scale of believing?

I often come across feelings of confusion and frustration from the people that I personally coach, when it comes to them trying to understand the power of taking concrete praxis, and what differentiates this from faith and from believing strongly in something… here is a personal story of mine which demonstrates the power of praxis, the flow of energy and the results achieved.

I am a member of the Photographic Association of the Municipality of Strovolos (the district in which I live). Each year’s closing is followed by a photography exhibition, which demonstrates the work and the levels that have been reached by its members, and where three of the participants’ photos are acknowledged and rewarded as the best of the exhibition. For many years, I had the desire to be one of these persons that would be acknowledged and rewarded, and in particular to be the winner of the 1st prize.

My desire continued to increase until finally in 2011, I was nominated as the photographer for the 1st prize. This was an achievement that had been well planned, and I had carefully chosen the path to my success by selecting and displaying the photograph that would guarantee winning 1st prize!!! I was very, very happy, but at the same time in achieving this success, the birth of a bigger and greater desire had been born … that is… to achieve the same prize for the 2nd year in a row … yes… that was it … one of my goals had been set …

Time had passed really quickly, and the deadline to submit an application for the 2012 exhibition was almost towards the end. I was traveling at the time and was on my way back to Cyprus, and so, I rushed straight home from the airport to pick up the copies of the photographs that I had chosen to submit … and once again, I used the same methodology that I had used the year before to secure my success … but this year however, I hadn’t been informed on time …. that there was a theme … ohhhhh my … for an instant, I was shocked and ready to lose my faith for the end result … but I was quickly able to re-focus on my initial goal … thinking fast, I had just 45 minutes to go home and to choose new photos, only this time they had to be within the theme that had been set for the 2012 exhibition, and then to submit my application on time and eventually to achieve the award.

I clearly remember on my way back home to look for the photo needed for the theme set for that year …. I kept talking to God … my faith was so strong, and my focus was razor sharp, and my only question was which photo from my existing photos could be the one that would win the 1st prize … and soon after, a reply came to me … you could call it my inner knowing or even God’s advice whispering in my ear the answer to which photo was the winning one.

On the day of the grand opening of the exhibition, the usual procedure was that the winners would be notified of their achievements before the opening, in order to make sure that they will be present at the event to receive their award. At midday, I remember that I was constantly looking at the time and just wondering when my phone would ring to let me know about this year’s award … and I became lost in the task that I was doing…

At 2.00pm the phone finally rang … and the expected news came to me!!! My photograph had been rewarded again for the 2nd year in a row… I had achieved 1st prize again… I was ecstatic and amazed

… I knew it … I knew it … I knew it … I was expecting it… it just couldn’t be any different … it just couldn’t be!!!

What had been at first just a wish, but with time and consistent repetition had turned into faith, had soon after, turned into a powerful praxis – faith and believe integrated with behavior – which was attracting all it needed for the achievement of the desired result.

To your success,

Maria Menicou

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