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Collaboration The number one key to great success

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog


Τhe number one key to great success

In memory of my grandfather, Andreas

One of my very first and greatest mentors in life was my grandfather Andreas. Although he did not receive much education (only 2 years of junior school), he was a great observer of nature and he always had a great nature observatory story to share with us.

One of the many stories he shared was on how mice collaborate to steal chicken eggs from the coop. He always used to start this story with the same question: “Maria, do you know how mice steal eggs from the chicken coop?” And of course I was always encouraging him to tell me the story again and again.

Mice are small in size and eggs are round and way bigger. But mice are intelligent and know how to overcome challenges by collaborating with each another. Since my grandfather’s yard was covered by gravel, mice couldn’t roll the eggs to their nest. So, they have invented a new and creative way of transferring the stolen eggs to their nest. One mouse was holding the egg upside down and the second was pulling the first by the tail. In this way, the egg was transferred to the nest safely to feed the whole community. Then he went on by giving extra emphasis on how the mice collaborate and that this collaboration allowed them to achieve what just one of them couldn’t do ….

And this story of mice collaboration over resources available in their environment teaches a great lesson. In today’s economy, everything moves really fast, advanced knowledge is needed, along with various other talents and capabilities. The above story holds the answer for great life achievements.

What is your goal? Where do you see yourself? What kind of a collaborative strategy would you need to create in order for you and your collaborators to achieve greater success?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Much love

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