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Challenges are a blessing and God’s gift to us

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

Challenges are a blessing & God’s gift to us

No matter how much joy and happiness life brings, all of us have been asked ~ and for sure we’ll be asked again and again ~ to face challenges one way or another; minor or major, life-threatening or not-worth-mentioning…

We are facing challenges in our personal and professional life.

But what makes a challenge, a blessing and a God’s gift?

We have all faced challenges when we were young that we thought were huge back then and yet today seem so tiny. Those challenges make us grow up, built up our character, attitude and spirit and because of those experiences we become who we are today … So let’s see our today’s challenges through a new scope; the scope of the opportunity to grow! 

Let’s shape our perception a bit on what a challenge is and look at it from a different point of view.

What does this challenge teach me?

Why am I here?

Am I flexible enough to adjust to where the Universe – God is taking me through this challenge?

Can I recognize that this is part of the growth I need to go though, in order to reach the success I am vesting?

Do I trust?

Do I let go?

DO I believe?

Just take a bit of time and go through those questions, listen to your inner voice and play a bit with your mind and higher faculties.   

 It is said that “there is no elevator to success … you need to take the stairs” and actually this is what each challenge is, a stepping stone, a step in a never ending stair way to growth, happiness and to our greatest success.

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