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Being talented is not enough

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

It is such a blessing to uncover the fact that you have been gifted from God with many talents, but the greatest blessing of all is to give your talents to the world and to be able to see the positive effect that it has on other people lives.

What is it that really makes the difference?

Let’s start from scratch, we have all been gifted with many talents and abilities from God, our Creator. Steve Bow said, «God gave to us more talent and abilities that we can use in this lifetime …» and this is a reality that is certain for all of us. If we ignore the talents that we have in our life, it is our duty to find them.

To identify your talents is no more than mere potential. Talent on its own doesn’t guarantee success, achievement or financial freedom. It is the cultivation of talent and of yourself that can bring all the goods to you. Talents are but another tool in your tool box.

In one of the master classes that I was participating in with the renowned teacher and acting coach Bernard Hiller, he pointed out that talent makes up only half of success and on its own it is not enough!!! And he continued by pointing out that the other half comes from cultivating our talents and by having the right attitude.

Besides, it is well known that there are many very talented people who are living just above the poverty line and are struggling to survive.

Don’t let valuable time just pass, by wasting your talents and abilities. It is your responsibility to cultivate your talents in-depth and to work on yourself so that you can present them to the world.

And Steve Bow continues « … your gift to God would be to use as many as possible of those talents and abilities in this lifetime».

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