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by | Aug 14, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog


Agape comes from the Greek word (Greek ἀγάπη, agápē) which means “love: the highest form of love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.”

Agape is unconditional, a pure and transparent form of love. Agape is the foundation of the noblest relationships that humans are capable of building. It is deliberate and unconditional agape – love that is the result of choice and behavior rather than feelings and emotions.

Agape is a way of living which embraces values, a genteel heart-centered behavior which arises from within regardless of circumstances or how we may feel about other people.

Agape can exist in any environment! Agape can exist at work, it can defeat any test and can last in time. Agape is in a way magical… you may not like a person or feel challenged by that person, but still, with heart-centered agape treat that person with love.

Therefore, leaders can demonstrate agape, and can be the force behind a successful organization. Agape can create a healthy environment at work, improved performance, eliminating tension and promoting inspiration and motivation

To cultivate agape it is essential to start giving from within yourself, to create a spirit of offering, and to act from the heart.

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