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Advanced Motivation

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

 Advanced Motivation – How can I stay in high gear? (Part B)

Motivation is what moves us forward. It is the fuel which burns hot and moves us forward into our greatness.  Already shared in a previous article, the initial steps needed to keep you motivated. Today, let’s move a little further, to see how we can take our energy levels and motivation to the next level.

  • Create awareness – Aiming high and big in life leads to motivation and to a drive for success in high gear.  In order to fuel this motivation, a constant development both of personal and professional skills is required.
  • Adopt an attitude of understanding – Challenges are part of the journey to greatness. Notably, the bigger the challenge, the greater the success that follows, but this also demands an attitude of understanding and awareness whilst the challenge is still live and present.  Invest time in developing an antidote of understanding, that you can apply at any stage of the creating process that you may be at, as it will enable you to stay motivated and in high gear, even in the darkest moments of your journey. 
  • Act “as if”. Once you have written your final goal down, in this exact moment, this final goal has already been created in another dimension. Having this awareness is essential, because it is just a matter of time that you will become part of this reality that you are living now. Keep rehearsing the moment that your goal becomes reality, jump into this dimension and start living the tomorrow NOW. 
  • Be honest with yourself – Embrace reality and the truth about the conditions and circumstances you find yourself in now. Know that everything happens for a good reason and that the only person that we should ever compete with is our self. 
  • Every minute counts – Motivation is something that needs to be fed continuously. A great lesson that I have learnt myself is that every minute counts.  A single minute can bring you closer to the manifestation of your final goal, and even though it is just one minute, many things can be accomplished in this time frame. On the other hand, taking pauses may result in losing the momentum you were in prior to this pause, and extra energy will be needed to be applied in order to restore this momentum. This of course does not mean that you cannot rest. It simply means that you need to give it your all every time.

Upcoming article: Additional factors that may affect Motivation – How can I stay in high gear?

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