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11 Steps to turn an idea into reality

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Maria Menicou Blog

I have been told a million times by many individuals that this or that idea that they had in mind has already been created by someone else!

Other times I have heard serious discussions about great ideas on various subjects and on how they can be improved.  The discussions may have been on a personal or a professional level, or about another person.  Still it all remained in words.  No action was taken towards creating the desired results or change and this way of thinking is also characteristic to groups or to corporations.

No matter what an idea might be, no matter how good it may sound, it is but words words words!  Nothing is of value if it is not turned into reality by taking action.

Here are 11 steps to take so that an idea can become a reality at both a personal and professional level, so measurable results and achievements can be seen.

  1. Hone your intention 

It is so important when an intention hits your mind, write it down and invest some serious time in working it within your mind.  If the intention is not strong enough it might as well just fade away in time and it will remain as just another unaccomplished idea. 

  1. Now is the best time to commence

Yes, now is the best time to commence your new idea.  Procrastination is the best companion for an idea to always remain as so, and the perfectionist is the one who will slowdown success, after all, there will always be something to improve!

And as Leland Val Van De Wall said, “Doing at once what needs to be done will increase the possibility of success”.

  1. Make a plan

Invest some time in writing down your idea. It is definitely way different writing down your idea rather than holding it just in your mind. 

  1. Start with what you already have

Yes, all you will ever need is already within you, either you can see it now or you can’t.  Start with what you can do right away, start with making your first step as one of faith and the rest will come in due time.

  1. Get Organized

Order is the first law of nature.  So, if you wish your idea to progress and develop, invest time in organizing it.  For example, start with the planning and organizing of your next day or next steps for the project / idea.   

  1. Build momentum

Energy flows where our attention and focus is, so when a good idea kicks in momentum should be built.  Momentum can be built by investing beneficial thoughts enough time per day so that it starts building momentum, so a beneficial thought leads to another and another and another ….

  1. Be willing to pay the price

There is no such thing as something for nothing!  In order to become, do and have, it is essential to be willing to pay the price.  All worthy ideas have a price to pay! It may be sacrificing your favourite TV show, nights out or spending less time on activities which give no value to your goal.

It is beautifully said with this phrase ‘if you always do the same thing, you will always get what you already have gotten’.

  1. Be willing to work HARD

Harmonize yourself to the energy of the idea, but you still need to do your part.  And for any idea to become reality it must be embedded with hard work.  And as it is said in the bible, “straight is the gate and narrow is the way, and only few will make it” meaning that the way may be obvious but it definitely needs hard work to achieve success.

  1. Create unwavering faith

Faith is essential for the accomplishment of any goal.  Without strong faith the idea turns into a wish!  Invest some time in falling in love with the idea and soon unwavering faith will follow. 

  1. Hold a clear image

A clear image of the idea and the end results must be held strong in the mind. Many challenges may cross your way to achieving the result, but still, a clear image will always steer the wheel in the right direction.  

  1. The one attribute

Any ideas will soon start taking a physical form with the attributes I have shared above, still the most valuable attribute which enhances success is to be flexible and relaxed.  Yes, this is the attribute that is most needed in today’s fast changing world. 

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To your success,
Maria Menicou
Personal and Professional Development coach
Telephone: +357 7000 7888
Website: https://menicoumaria.com

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