The Secrets of the success of a 15 year old and what we can learn from this!

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The Secrets of the success of a 15year old and what we can learn from this!

It is already the end of another year. Everybody has been running around preparing for the holiday season, while many have been thinking about what they have achieved the past year and what they would like to achieve in 2018.

How truly did we achieve success in 2017? How closer are we to achieving our goals and our dream reality? And if we have abandoned the attempt of obtaining these goals ... what are the reasons? What went wrong?


What are the goals we want to achieve in 2018 and how can we make sure that we remain focused on them until they are achieved?

I had a very constructive meeting recently with an amazing artist, young in years, but great at heart. At the age of 15, he has placed Cyprus on the world map, in countries and places that did not know about us, but he managed to distinguish. In other words, he has achieved what others have not accomplished in a lifetime!!!

This is the young Alex Dzaghigian, who since the beginning of his life has shown interest and talent in the arts and technology, and has already recorded in his assets countless distinctions and victories in competitions in Cyprus, and with stubbornness, vision and perseverance, he won the Toyota Motor Corporation's global competition in 2016. His success brought a TV crew to Cyprus to film a special tribute about him (Dreams from Cyprus). And he has also recently completed and sold his first piece of artwork at the price of 2900 euros!!! (photo) He has already designed a banner for a truck company in the USA, a T-shirt for a dog charity in Texas, and created Alexart, a platform to showcase his artwork.

Through Alex's story we can clearly see and learn a lot!  How to inspire and realize our own dreams.

But let's take a look at Alex's path to achieving his goals and his own success. 

  • His environment was not always encouraging, but he followed his heart.

Yes, when the people around him expected his activities and interests to be about other things, Alex chose to invest his time in painting and creating. Facing his different choices was not always acceptable by others. Several times his choices were wrongfully judged. As his mother has said, "He always had a different attitude from the other kids!!!" But one thing is for sure: he was and is clear about his wants, and these adversities made him stronger!!!

  • He had a clear goal and vision.

A crystal-clear goal, but also a vision within the heart which not only helps us achieve bigger and faster, but also motivates and encourages us. And that's exactly what Alex did!

  • Success comes through hard work, discipline, persistence, focus, imagination and willing to pay the price of success.

It is not enough just to have a crystal-clear goal and vision, it is essential to be ready to pay the price for what you want to have. And this is the main reason why many people fail to achieve their goals, they are unsettled by a few failures!!! I want to emphasize here that those who fail are the ones that stop trying ... Successful people on the other hand are the ones who stop only when their goal has been achieved!!! This was so evident in the tone of his voice when he said, "I kept trying again and again. I was happy to win in Cyprus, but my goal was to go to Japan. " So, he invested countless hours, energy and effort to achieve his goal. He tried 6 times before he managed to find himself on the highest step and to achieve his goal.

  • Know your value!!! Have a clear self-image and self-worth.

This is perhaps the most universal attribute of success, to know but also to have a clear picture of your final destination and success.

And Alex not only knows what he deserves, but he has not compromised for anything less!

  • He stretched, stretched and stretched himself again. He studied and studied again!!!

Continuous growth is another feature of success. No success comes through our existing reality. As my teacher and mentor Bob Proctor says, "we create, or we disintegrate, nothing remains the same." By stretching ourselves into new experiences and knowledge, we create and evolve, and we achieve success. And that's what Alex does every day, not only does he try new techniques and materials, he does not rely on what he already knows, and he studies in depth the legends of art over the centuries, as well as Keisen's philosophy.

These are just some of the features that have helped Alex achieve one of his goals. If we follow these steps and adapt them to our own goal, it is almost certain that we will achieve more than ever before!


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To your success,

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