The law of Non-Resistance

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The law of Non-Resistance

Sunny September days in the island of Aphrodite! The clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the warm sun along with a  good company of friends, make the ideal combination for a relaxed weekend.
Sun burns are an inevitable consequence during such excursions on the island, which are frequently cooled off by the refreshing Mediterranean waters. By the early afternoon hours the life at the beach is disturbed by the usual windy hours, which makes the whole experience a bit more challenging for people like me – the poor swimmers -. It's the perfect timing to put the law of Non-Resistance to work; trying to keep my balance in the water, keep my face on the surface …  Yeah… this one is a great example of the Law of Non-Resistance…

The more I resisted the greater was for me to stay on the surface … then I applied the law of Non-Resistance and I let go. I aligned my self with flow of nature and the goal was so easy to achieve - to keep my balance in the water and my face on the surface.

How many times do we fight, argue, position, resist? As one of my teachers said: putting a cube in a round hole is just impossible.


How can we activate the Non-Resistance Law to work in our favor?

The whole idea of the Law of Non- Resistance can be summed up into a single phrase: “What you resist always persists.”

Water is very powerful and yet a perfectly non-resistant element. Water had worn away even the hardest rock. Just note how a river begins; it starts as a little stream and gradually grows, as rain and snow feed it during the spring time. Water never stops; waits for its energy to build up; pushes any obstacle out of its path; goes wherever it wants to go. 

How can we work with the law of non-resistance? How can we apply it to our life? 
Let’s forget fighting and arguing with other people, let’s forget resisting. After all, we cannot change other people, in fact, the only corner in the universe we do have control, is ourselves.

We may not be able to change the facts, conditions and situations but we can change our perception toward a situation. With an overall understanding of this law and the correct usage of our intellectual faculty, called Perception, we can start moving towards the right way, get in the right flow of energy.  A small change can lead into big results.

Closing with this amazing quote “Remove and dissolve every obstacle by blessing it and being willing to understand it. Mark it no longer as a stumbling block, but a stepping stone leading to your highest good.”

Maria Menicou
Personal & Professional Development Coach

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