Truth is only found in people’s hearts

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It is heart-breaking to see what is happening around the world, hearing the stories coming from war zones and seeing the fear, suffering and frustration in people’s eyes.

IF we understand the “Truth is only found in people’s hearts” ....


If we only let the truth from our hearts shape our reality, wants and desires …

If we only know that we all come from one source …

If we only let go of the past; forgive and let the truth come from our hearts

If we only …  

I strongly believe in human race, I strongly believe in the truth that is found in people’s hearts, which is the right for creation and growth…

I strongly believe in the power of LOVE which is the “Truth only found in people’s hearts”

Maria Menicou

Telephone: +357 7000 7888
Twitter: @MariaMenicou
LinkedIn : Maria Menicou


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