the power of a prayer - for Palestinian and Israeli people

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The power of a prayer


As any usual morning, I had woken up early that morning for my morning rituals and morning exercise at the park, I had only forgotten my mobile at home so I did not have the chance to listen to my favorite music or my educational audios. 

Once I had completed my exercise and I was on my way home, I really felt the need to listen to music so I turned on the radio to check if I could find something interesting to listen to. That moment was the time for the early morning news along with some experts giving their opinions on what is going on in the world and more particularly in the middle east.  I decided to grab the opportunity and listen to what they were about to share.


The feeling which was created was that of pain coming from the core of my being, from the deepest levels of my heart.  How could humanity stand killing each other?  How could humanity accept the separation of humans?  Why haven’t we learned from our mistakes of the part? 

It is obvious that we, humans haven’t learned from what we have already done to ourselves, to our children and to mother nature with in the 1st and 2nd world war and so many other wars around the globe, or to say it even better we have chosen to forget it as it’s not our generation that had been through those events but just 2-3 generations back!!!

I ‘m absolutely sure that while reading this you will wonder what you could do about it? You may be somewhere far away or in a close location from the Middle East events, but still what can a single individual do?

Well, each and every one of us can do certain things, which will definitely support or add in improving the world we live in, and this is the purpose of my article today.  To share an idea with all of you, so that you are always in position to use your God’s given ability to influence what is going on in the world.

Briefly, I would like to mention the power of thought and more specifically the power of prayer, with which we can determine and influence of what is created.  Our thoughts and prayer is energy which turns into matter.  This is what I would encourage everyone to do more consciously … how to direct your energy into what you want and not what you do not want! Or what is often done by most people, is to reproduce what they hear.  For example, if they hear about war, they talk about war and their thoughts are about it or in its best fighting against war which in fact empowers war. 

Whenever you hear of something that it not of a benefit to the human kind, pray! Pray for what is good and beneficial for people and nature! Pray for exactly what you wish to see, hear and live in this world!

Whenever you hear about war, pray for peace, unity and serenity for that place, its people and the world!

Whenever you hear about injustice, pray for love, kindness and wisdom for all the people involved and those people’s hearts!

Whenever you hear about killings and abuse, pray for respect, kindness and love!

Whenever you hear about injured people, pray for healing both their bodies and their hearts!

Whenever you hear about mean people, pray for their hearts to soften, so that love can replace fear and insecurities.

Whenever you hear about sickness, pray for health, harmony and ease!

Whenever you hear about hunger and shortage, pray for abundance and the kindness of Mother Nature! 

Whenever you hear about a loss, pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.

You men and women, have enormous power to shift and influence what is now going on in the world.  Use your power wisely and for the benefit of the humanity!

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To your success,
Maria Menicou
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