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Τhe number one key to great success

In memory of my grandfather, Andreas

One of my very first and greatest mentors in life was my grandfather Andreas. Although he did not receive much education (only 2 years of junior school), he was a great observer of nature and he always had a great nature observatory story to share with us.

One of the many stories he shared was on how mice collaborate to steal chicken eggs from the coop. He always used to start this story with the same question: “Maria, do you know how mice steal eggs from the chicken coop?” And of course I was always encouraging him to tell me the story again and again.



Challenges are a blessing & God’s gift to us


No matter how much joy and happiness life brings, all of us have been asked ~ and for sure we'll be asked again and again ~ to face challenges one way or another; minor or major, life-threatening or not-worth-mentioning…

We are facing challenges in our personal and professional life.

But what makes a challenge, a blessing and a God’s gift?

We have all faced challenges when we were young that we thought were huge back then and yet today seem so tiny. Those challenges make us grow up, built up our character, attitude and spirit and because of those experiences we become who we are today … So let’s see our today's challenges through a new scope; the scope of the opportunity to grow! 


What it takes to be a Success!

Everybody wants to be a success, but not everybody is willing to give what is takes to be a success.

But what is success?

Success can mean different things to different people. For example, for a hair stylist, success can be servicing 50 people a day while someone who loves music might consider success to create their own album. Success does not always have to involve money.

Success could be passing a difficult test or an examination or learning how to play the piano.

It comes in all different shapes and forms with one common denominator: success is important and it entails hard work and the appropriate mindset to be reached.

Here are some key guidelines that help me make a difference on my way to achieve success; these small tips made me a better person and proven to guide me faster and safer to the success I was seeking.

1.Don’t Look Back

Everyone is facing failures, mistakes or results that do not make them feel comfortable and keep them locked in the past. To become successful, you need to learn from your past experiences, value the lessons they taught you and move on with the wisdom gained by focusing in the present.


The law of Non-Resistance

Sunny September days in the island of Aphrodite! The clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the warm sun along with a  good company of friends, make the ideal combination for a relaxed weekend.
Sun burns are an inevitable consequence during such excursions on the island, which are frequently cooled off by the refreshing Mediterranean waters. By the early afternoon hours the life at the beach is disturbed by the usual windy hours, which makes the whole experience a bit more challenging for people like me – the poor swimmers -. It's the perfect timing to put the law of Non-Resistance to work; trying to keep my balance in the water, keep my face on the surface …  Yeah… this one is a great example of the Law of Non-Resistance…

The more I resisted the greater was for me to stay on the surface … then I applied the law of Non-Resistance and I let go. I aligned my self with flow of nature and the goal was so easy to achieve - to keep my balance in the water and my face on the surface.

How many times do we fight, argue, position, resist? As one of my teachers said: putting a cube in a round hole is just impossible.


Thoughts Become Things;we heard this phrase in the movie “The Secret.” Weread about it, but what are the right thoughts needed to quickly and efficiently bring the things you desire into your reality

Start thinking about your dream

I, very often, come across people that think of what my teacher and mentor, Bob Proctor, calls “thinking in reverse”.  We have been programed in such a way that we know really well what we don’t want, we don’t like and don’t want to experience but in the same time we don’t really know what we do want. 


It is heart-breaking to see what is happening around the world, hearing the stories coming from war zones and seeing the fear, suffering and frustration in people’s eyes.

IF we understand the “Truth is only found in people’s hearts” ....


Referring back to the analogy of Edison, when asked about his failures by a young boy, Edison commented: “Young man,

My teacher and mentor Bob Proctor frequently asks this question. Most people may reply with lack of knowledge, lack of good luck, economic crises. But this is not what it is… The answer lays to a law called “The Law of Compensation”

The Law of Compensation

The law of compensation is clearly defined as ‘the amount of money we earn is an exact ratio of the need of what we do, our ability to do it, and the difficulty in replacing us.’

 “The need of what we do,” in fact, is beyond our control. The Universe takes care of the need for services and products.

“Our ability to do it.” Regardless of the industry we operate in, it’s up to us to become the best we can be.

And once we are at the top of our game, automatically we activate “The difficulty in replacing us.”

So let’s dig in deeper on how to master “our ability to do it”

In what area of your life do you need support right now?

In this weakening economy people are fighting the same battles…some barely surviving, resources are spread too thin, slumping sales, individuals fearing the loss of their jobs.

Most people are getting the same unwanted results over and over the years. It is not that they have set out to achieve these results but they do not know how to change their results.

Others are trying hard to handle today’s uncertainty. But … the only corner in the universe we can handle is ourselves!

Most people feel stuck, confused and disoriented what their next step should be… asking around what they should do…. Getting frustrated and stressed from all the flow of information coming from TV, radio, experts, friends, family, colleges and so many other sources… But the only corner in the universe that has the right answer to our questions is from within …from ourselves!  

All this leads to confusion, stress, ongoing exhaustion. What follows are painful efforts to change these results and for a while change may be achieved but not last for long…  

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