Maria Manicou

Maria Menicou is a Personal and Professional Development Coach, Certified "Thinking into Results" Consultant of the Proctor Gallaher Intitute and  Certified Trainer HrDA (ΑνΑΔ)

With a life-long disposition and aptitude to studying and understanding the factors that contribute to psychological and sociological behaviour, she now works with individuals, companies and organizations, by helping to inspire and to encourage people to achieve the success and results that they aspire.

Her quest to study and understand the concepts and mechanisms that constitute the laws of success, took her on a journey that led her to meet her inspiration and personal mentor, Bob Proctor, and to be taught and mentored by leading success experts such as Dr Joe Despenza, Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Bernard Hiller, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith,  Peggy McColl and many more.

With a rich and diverse background in accounting, banking, internal auditing, human resource management, trade and social media, and sociology and psychology, today she excels as a successful, dynamic, results-driven and focused individual, who is committed to coaching, directing and helping others to develop themselves, both on a personal and a professional level.

Over the years she has held key leadership and prestigious positions on boards, organizing committees and voluntary associations, such as The Association for the Prevention and Handling of Domestic Violence, Amnesty International, Green Peace, Nicosia Children’s Home and Rotaract. She currently is an active member of The F.O.S. Photographic Association, The Nicosia Lefcothea Rotary Club and The Association of Volunteer Doctors Cyprus.

Her passion, and her inspiring and positive attitude allow her to empower people and to direct, guide and help them to turn their aims and objectives into tangible realities.

She generates motivation and optimism within others, and encourages and stimulates them to achieve their highest levels of confidence, potential and performance.

Maria operates with an instinctive intuition that comes directly from the heart, and with her boundless love and compassion, she always goes that extra mile to support others to achieve their dreams, and to help them to live a peaceful, joyous and liberated life.