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About Maria Menicou

Menicou Maria - Maria Menicou About 2023

Introducing Maria Menicou – Your Catalyst for Personal and Professional Development and Growth..

Maria Menicou is a highly accomplished and sought-after Personal and Professional Development Coach and trainer with a proven track record of transforming lives and organizations. As a Certified “Thinking into Results” Consultant of the esteemed Proctor Gallagher Institute and a Certified Trainer in Human Resource Development and Analysis (HRDA), Maria brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Driven by a lifelong passion for understanding human dynamics, psychology and behavior, Maria works with individuals, companies, and organizations to ignite the spark of success and drive measurable results. Her journey into the realm of success mindset and personal growth brought her face-to-face with renowned mentors, including Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Bernard Hiller, Peggy McColl, and many other leading experts.

Drawing from her extensive background in accounting, banking, internal auditing, human resource management, trade, sociology, and psychology, Maria excels as a dynamic and focused professional dedicated to empowering others on both personal and professional fronts and guiding them to their success and full potential.

Maria’s volunteered illustrious career has seen her hold key leadership positions on prestigious boards and voluntary associations, such as The Association for the Prevention and Handling of Domestic Violence, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Nicosia Children’s Home, The F.O.S. Photographic Association, and Rotaract. Currently, she actively contributes The Association of Volunteer Doctors Cyprus and Loving Hands nonprofit children’s association.

Her contagious passion and unwavering positive attitude make her a natural motivator and catalyst for change. Maria’s coaching approach is rooted in instinctive intuition, genuine compassion as well as proven methodology, guiding individuals and teams to surpass their potential, boost confidence, and achieve extraordinary results.

Maria Menicou’s expertise in corporate and professional training, combined with her in-depth understanding of the success mindset, empowers her clients to create measurable and accelerated progress in any industry. By partnering with Maria, you open the door to unlocking your true potential, achieving your goals, and embracing a life of peace, joy, and liberation.
Experience the transformational power of Maria’s coaching and take the leap towards a thriving and fulfilling future. Embrace the opportunity to work with a coach who truly cares about your success and stands by your side, committed to making your dreams a reality.